Richmond, VA Blasting and Coating Services

Also Serving North Chesterfield and Surrounding Towns, VA

E.C. Inc., of VA

Save time and money with our blasting and coating services. You don't have to wait all day for your auto body shop to strip the paint off of your automobile. Let us dustless blast the paint right off your vehicle in just a few hours instead of paying high shop labor costs for what would be a day's work for a mechanic without our machines. 

Strip your boat in no time. 
The time is finally right to repaint your boat before you set sail again, whether it be for a trip around your favorite vacation lake or a deep-sea fishing expedition. Let us safely strip the paint off of your boat with our soda blasting service. 

Powder-coat anything you can imagine. 
There is virtually nothing that cannot be powder coated. Add a thick coat of protection to just about any metal object you can think of, whether it be a bicycle, ladder or vehicle.

Don't pay a mechanic a day's labor for a few hours of work:

  •  Services- Strip paint, monument cleaning, graffiti removal, surface rust removal. 
  •  Dustless Blasting- Strip paint from automobiles and boats, fire and smoke restoration, mold and mildew remediation. 
  • Powder Coating - Metal coating, automobiles, bicycles, ladders. 

Affordable coating and blasting services are a phone call away. Call 804-240-0168 to set up an appointment. 


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